Friday, September 16, 2005

Answers to Boz's Choice

1. What year did I graduate from high school?
a. 1967 - Jonnie, dvl,
b. 1968 - thedexter, Sandra,
c. 1969 - belle,
d. I didn't, I got a GED -

2. What is Mother Boz's first name?
a. Martha -
b. Amanda -
c. Margaret - thedexter, Jonnie, dvl, Sandra, belle,
d. Helen -

3. How many brothers and or sisters do I have?
a. I'm an only child -
b. Two sisters - thedexter, Jonnie, dvl, Sandra, belle,
c. Two brothers -
d. A brother and a sister -

4. What is my favorite novel of all time?
a. Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut -
b. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller - thedexter, dvl, Sandra, belle,
c. The Stand by Stephen King - Jonnie,
d. Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me by Richard Farina -

5. What suburb of Detroit did I grow up in?
a. Warren - Jonnie,
b. Center Line -
c. Roseville - Sandra, belle,
d. Fraser - thedexter,
e. No answer - dvl,

6. What branch of the armed forces did I serve in?
a. Army - thedexter, Jonnie,
b. Air Force - dvl, Sandra, belle,
c. Coast Guard -
d. Navy -

7. What college did I graduate from?
a. Oakland University -
b. Michigan State University - Jonnie, dvl,
c. Wayne State University - thedexter,
d. Eastern Michigan University - Sandra,
e. Chris Burke University - belle,

8. What is my middle name?
a. Vincent - thedexter, Jonnie, Sandra,
b. Vernon -
c. Vance - dvl, belle,
d. Victor -

9. Who was my favorite super hero?
a. Spiderman - dvl,
b. Superman - thedexter, Sandra, belle,
c. Flash -
d. J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter - Jonnie,

10. Which computer accessory DON'T I have?
a. Scanner - thedexter, belle,
b. Printer - Sandra,
c. External hard drive - Jonnie, dvl,
d. Web cam -

11. How much do I pay the kid next door to mow my lawn?
a. 10 dollars - Jonnie, dvl,
b. 15 dollars - Sandra,
c. 20 dollars -
d. 25 dollars - thedexter,
e. you don't pay him, starr jones does... she pays him in REALLY WIDE SHOES - belle,

12. What do I have tattooed on my back?
a. Calvin taking a piss -
b. Bettie Page winking - thedexter, belle,
c. Chinese symbol for peace -
d. A rose - Jonnie, dvl, Sandra,

13. Who is falsely rumored to be my father?
a. George Superman Reeves -
b. Marlon Brando -
c. John Wayne - dvl, Sandra, belle,
d. Harry Truman - thedexter, Jonnie,

14. Which Looney Tunes character do I most identify with?
a. Bugs Bunny - Jonnie,
b. Daffy Duck - dvl,
c. Sylvester the Cat - thedexter, belle,
d. Wiley Coyote - Sandra,

15. Which dead rock star did I see in concert?
a. Jim Morrison -
b. Jimi Hendrix - Jonnie,
c. Janis Joplin - thedexter, Sandra,
d. George Harrison - dvl,
f. Tommy Page - belle,


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