Wednesday, September 13, 2006

True or False Answers

True or False?
1. I was in a airplane that almost crashed.
True, on a flight from Detroit to Philadelphia we flew through such a bad storm that a woman jumped up and tried to open the hatch. When we finally landed in New York and not Philadelphia, grown men kissed the ground.
2. I had tickets to see Woodstock but my parents wouldn't let me go.
False, I was in the Air Force and stationed in Mississippi and didn't even hear about Woodstock until after it was over.
3. I flunked Drivers Education twice.
True, actually I didn't fail, I just quit, and took it in the summer.
4. I was in a category five hurricane.
True, when I was stationed in Mississippi in 1969 Hurricane Camille hit. Camille made Katrina look like an afternoon rain shower.
5. My sister dated the bass player in Bob Seger's first band.
False, but she did date a guy who had the fastest car in Roseville, a 1961 Ford Galaxie with a 409 cubic inch V8 engine.
6. When I was in the Air Force I served with a guy who is now the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.
True, he was my flight commander, he was a 2nd Lt, but I don't remember what his name is.
7. I had sex in a prison.
False, but I did have a chance to visit a prison in Bursa Turkey where women could work off their sentence as prostitutes, and just how weird is that, I changed my mind at the last minute, and I'm glad that I did.
8. I sent in an application to be on Jeopardy but never heard back from them.
False, hey, if I had sent in an application I would have been accepted and become the biggest winner in Jeopardy history!
9. My sister's best friend's daughter was one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right.
True, her name was Chantelle, or Shantelle, and I think she took Diane Parkinson's place, and was on the show for a couple of years until she quit to pursue a non-existent acting career.
10. I was one of four finalists for Macomb County teacher of the year in 1981.
False, hahahahahaha.